Technology enables insurance claims to be settled faster

It is difficult to settle claims and slow to settle claims, which has been the most worried problem when consumers buy insurance. The material is numerous, the process is complex, once let a lot of people shrink back to settle a claim. Now, as fintech accelerates the power of the insurance industry, claims processing is becoming easier and the consumer experience is improving.

Recently, the car of Mr. Wang, a citizen of Shenzhen, has a unilateral accident, and the body has many scratches. He immediately reported the case to the Shenzhen branch of Ping An Property Insurance, a car insurance company, and took photos of the scene of the vehicle, which he uploaded to his mobile APP as soon as possible. After determining loss through artificial intelligence, the insurance company calculates and calculates the amount that gives 1200 yuan for Mr. Wang quickly, recommended to him reliable vehicle repair shop.

This APP, which helps Mr. Wang to complete the claim settlement in a relatively short time, is the one-stop service platform “Ping An Good Car Owner” launched by Ping An Property Insurance for car owners, which covers common functions such as vehicle insurance, policy management, claim settlement, violation inquiry, road rescue and so on.

The person in charge of Ping An property insurance introduced that the traditional auto insurance claims model includes survey, damage determination, compensation verification, complex survey, receipt and other processes. A single case produces an average of 5.18 people working process, which requires repeated communication with customers 8 times or so. Now, for unilateral small amount of accidents, car owners open the mobile APP, just “report the case, upload photos, confirm the receipt of compensation” two steps, you can autonomously complete the claim settlement process.

Fintech provides support for insurance companies to carry out high-quality and efficient claims settlement services. Not long ago, China Pacific Property Insurance and Baidu Intelligent Cloud jointly launched a vehicle intelligent loss determination product “Tai ·AI”, which can effectively improve the efficiency of auto insurance claims settlement and improve customer experience.

“After the comprehensive reform of auto insurance, the competition in the future will be the competition of user experience.” “Fintech plays a key role in improving the satisfaction of car owners’ claim settlement experience,” said Lu Gang, sales director of Fintech. “Whoever can use Fintech well will have a place in the auto insurance market.”

Fintech is also playing a big role in life insurance claims. At the “Bund Conference” in Shanghai, an intelligent claim settlement product named “Claims Brain” made people’s eyes shine.

The “claims brain” can identify up to 107 kinds of medical and claims vouchers, increasing the effectiveness of insurance products by 70 percent. Even offline investigation cases with the longest claim settlement link can shorten the average claim settlement period from 30 days to 15 days.

Experts say the insurance industry still has many “pain points” in terms of claims. For fintech companies and insurance institutions, the “pain point” is the starting point and focus point. We must continue to improve service experience and ensure the security of user information, so as to make insurance claims easier and faster.

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