New Zealand’s national response to COVID-1 has been downgraded to level 1

WELLINGTON, March 12 (Xinhua/Lu Huaiqian) Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, has lowered its COVID-19 response level to Phase 1 at 12 am, Prime Minister Christine Ardern announced Tuesday, as the disease is under effective control. This means that New Zealand is in a level 1 response state, and social and economic activities are basically back to normal.

The New Zealand government announced on February 27 that Auckland had entered a level 3 response, equivalent to a “city lockdown”, at 6:00 PM on February 28, and the rest of the country entered a level 2 response. Since the COVID-19 outbreak was brought under control, the response levels were lowered to Phase 2 and 1, respectively, on March 7.

New Zealand’s COVID-19 response level is four. In response to Level 4, the government will require everyone to be quarantined at home. For Level 3 response, the government will tighten control measures, including closing public places such as shops and schools, and limiting the number of parties to 10 people. In Level 2 response, public places such as shops and schools remain open, and the number of people attending a party is limited to no more than 100 indoors and no more than 500 outdoors. In a level 1 response, party sizes are no longer limited, but border controls are still in place to reduce the risk of imported cases.

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