A fire at a factory of Japan’s semiconductor giant could affect supply chains

TOKYO, March 21 (Xinhua) Japanese semiconductor giant Renesas Electronics will do all it can to restart production within a month after a fire at one of the company’s key factories has had a significant impact on its supply chain, the company’s president said on Tuesday.

According to Renesas, a fire broke out at the company’s Naka plant in Ibaraki Prefecture in the early hours of March 19 and was extinguished five and a half hours later. The fire started in the “clean room”, the core facility of the factory. No one was injured in the fire, but some equipment was damaged.

Renesas is a major manufacturer of automotive semiconductors in the Naco plant, the latest affected cutting-edge 300mm wafer production line.

Shibata said at an online news conference that the company was concerned about a serious impact on the supply chain when such an incident occurred against the backdrop of tight supply of automotive chips. The company will work with the relevant agencies and customers to take all measures to minimize the negative impact. “The company is aiming to restart production within a month, but it is not certain at this time.”

Late last year, the problem of undersupply in the global chip market began to become apparent. This year, many automakers around the world have been forced to suspend or reduce production due to “lack of core”.

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