“Height limits” become “scarecrow”? Scalpers are still buying tickets for the old man

BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhua) —

Xinhua News Agency “Xinhua View” reporter

A court in Beijing’s Xicheng District has detained a man surnamed Zhao for breaking his trust for 15 days because he bought a ticket for a high-speed train through scalpers. The Xinhua View reporter’s investigation found that the “old slackers” whose consumption is restricted continue to travel by high-speed rail and air are not alone.

“Solve the travel problem of faithless people, unlimited air tickets and high-speed rail, 24 hours online for you to answer” “Transaction is just the beginning, the service is endless”…… On the network a few open and secret advertisement backside, hiding what bypass “limit high make” “secret way”?

“I saw a small advertisement on the Internet from scalpers offering to buy high-speed train tickets for people who have broken their promises,” he said. Zhao said that in November 2020, he searched Baidu for “trust-breaking person buying tickets” and added a “scalper” to his Taobao friend who offered to help book high-speed train tickets. After a markup of 500 yuan, Zhao was able to buy a ticket for the high-speed train.

At the end of 2020, the People’s Procuratorate of Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, also found that a “scalper” named Lin had bought air tickets and high-speed rail tickets for more than 300 people who had been subjected to enforcement for breaking their trust and had been restricted to high consumption by taking advantage of loopholes in the ticketing and checking process.

According to the relevant provisions of the Supreme People’s Court, if the person subject to execution is a natural person, after the consumption restriction measures are taken, he shall not have the following consumption behaviors that are not necessary for life and work: when taking a means of transport, he shall choose the second-class or above class cabin of an airplane, a train or a ship; Take all the seats of G-shaped MU trains, first-class or above seats of other MU trains and other non-essential consumption behaviors for life and work.

A reporter’s investigation found that there are still many scalpers buying tickets and providing “professional services” for the “old slickers” on the Internet, despite a strict investigation by the relevant authorities.

Information about buying tickets for “laidback” can be found on QQ groups, post bars and other platforms. The reporter is part of a QQ group with “high limit” people who can buy tickets. Its members have expanded from 15 years ago to 190 now, and the group talks about buying tickets every day.

WeChat’s “scalpers” with the names of “Hello Tomorrow” and “Feiyi Ticket Booking” will publish pictures and pictures of “height limit” people booking tickets and smooth travel on Moments every few days, including Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Dalian, Qingdao, Sanya and other places.

The reporter contacted several “scalpers”. The other side all said that at present, “basic cannot buy high-speed train tickets”, but can buy air tickets. There are “scalpers” told reporters that a high-speed rail ticket before the Big Brother had an accident, and then one after another to check several ticket holders, many channels are afraid to ticket.

A number of scalpers claim they can now buy tickets. But each terminal is different and there is no guarantee that it will pass. The success rate is about 70%.

“As long as I can get the tickets out, it’s OK,” one scalper assured the reporter. Another scalper said that for safety reasons, only full price tickets can be bought through ID cards and passports, with an additional 700 yuan service charge. “At present, the full price ticket has not been checked to board the plane. You can also pick up tickets at the counter and have them checked in, just like normal people.”

How can scalpers get tickets for “old slackers” when all tickets have been purchased under the real name system?

When people with “height limit” buy tickets, their ID card information can be directly detected by the system and the ticket cannot be issued. Reporters learned that “scalpers” mainly through the modification of identity information, overseas website tickets and other ways to successfully buy tickets.

In Zhao’s case, the intermediary chose to buy a ticket as a “military security card” in the manual outlets, and took advantage of the fact that both the military security card number and the ID card number were 18 digits, and the military security card could not check the authenticity, and directly bought a ticket with the “old man” ID card number.

In the case discovered by Haiyan County Procuratorate, scalpers bought tickets for people with “height restriction” by using an American passport as the type of identification, and by adding a space in the name bar and parentheses before the passport number.

According to the Beijing Xicheng Court, some agents bought tickets on third-party booking platforms and used polyphonic characters or other information changes to evade system screening. For example, Ren Zhong (Zhong) can deliberately enter Ren Zhong (Chong) when booking a ticket; Or the number “1” in the passport into the English letter “I”, the number “0” into the English letter “O”, etc.

But court officials say that has become less common as the system has improved. Several scalpers also said it was “risky” to alter their identities in ways that were now easy to detect.

Some scalpers said they would use overseas websites to buy tickets. The Beijing Xicheng Court investigated and learned that some overseas travel service websites were not connected to domestic data systems, and that many of those subject to enforcement used their passports to buy air tickets from overseas travel service websites and travel back and forth between China and other countries.

In addition, whether you are traveling on a high-speed train or by air, you will need to check your identity when you enter the station. After purchasing the ticket, how did the “old man” go through customs smoothly?

Gao Kang, a judge at Beijing Xicheng Court, said that according to the verified cases, most of the people subjected to enforcement chose to use paper documents to go through the manual channels, instead of using their ID cards to go through the machines. For example, Zhao in the train station on the ID card was demagnetized, relying on the “itinerary information tip sheet” walk artificial channels, to avoid machine inspection.

For airport security, a number of scalpers in the process of selling tickets to reporters claimed that after the successful purchase of tickets, with identification and electronic boarding passes can be manually security checks, because “security usually only check whether the person and ticket is the same”.

Screenshots of several WeChat conversations sent by a scalper showed that a “customer” surnamed Wang successfully boarded the plane on March 16. According to the “scalpers” to provide the name and electronic ticket number and other relevant information, the reporter asked the Southern Airlines customer service, the other side confirmed the passenger’s relevant travel information, and confirmed that it is “international ticket”.

Reporters according to the passenger’s identity information in China to carry out information open network inquiry, can find the corresponding “consumption restriction order.”

According to an industry insider, the data of some “height limit” personnel may not be actively identified and intercepted in the departure link of the domestic airport after the overseas system has booked the ticket, leading to the successful travel of some personnel.

According to the analysis of the legal circles, the person subject to enforcement for trust-breaking who books tickets through “bullies” is an act of refusing to implement the legally effective judgment or ruling of the people’s court. If verified, he may be detained or fined in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law. If the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime, the offender shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Jin Keming, chief partner of Beijing Dacheng (Wenzhou) Law Firm, said people subject to enforcement for trust-breaking had directly harmed creditors’ interests by taking high-speed trains or planes. “Enhance the search for clues to hidden property; For such ‘scalpers’ who help buy tickets, details of conviction and sentencing should also be made clear.”

The reporter’s investigation found that the current court’s effective judgment documents are published online, and the name list of persons subject to enforcement for trust-breaking and the information on cancellation limits can also be searched through open channels. Some criminals collect a large number of “customer” information, directional push advertising information, some sales channels are also relatively hidden.

Industry insiders said that China has implemented joint disciplinary measures for key areas and serious breaches of trust, and that a breach of trust will be restricted everywhere. Allowing scalpers to take advantage of the loophole will allow restricted consumers to go unpunished, which is not conducive to improving the law enforcement ability of the court and improving the construction of the social credit system. Timely plugging loophole, ability to ensure that restricted consumption makes due power.

Industry insiders suggest that the system information should be further improved, the “height limit” personnel passport, other documents and face and other information into the system. All online platforms should strengthen supervision, implement the main responsibility, use big data technology to block “scalpers” advertising, reduce illegal transactions, and timely monitor and screen relevant information.

In view of the loopholes in each link, Gao Kang proposed that the transportation department and the third-party ticket booking platform should upgrade the management and technical level to improve the recognition of all kinds of documents. At the same time, whether manual or machine ticket checking, to achieve a unified standard. (Journalist Shu Jing, Huang Qinggang, Wu Wenxu, Wu Shuaishuai)

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