Vanke Yu Liang: real estate return to industrial attributes is a clear trend

Beijing, March 31 (ZuoYuKun) on March 31, vanke held 2020 annual online performance meeting, vanke chairman YuLiang provides a new development trend of the real estate industry view, “can be said to be the industry management bonus this year the first year of The Times, everyone is not easy to earn money before, dividends can no longer rely on land, financial bonus money”.

Broadcast screenshot of Vanke’s 2020 Annual Performance Promotion Meeting.

Yu Liang said that the introduction of the “three red lines” and “double concentration” policies marked that the industry has clearly entered the era of management dividend. In the era of management dividend, the biggest change of the industry is that the housing returns to the residential property and the real estate returns to the industrial property.

“Real estate returns to the nature of industry, this is a clear, clear trend.” Yu Liang stressed that this means that the return level of the industry will gradually get closer to the average level of the society. It means that the real estate industry will shift from development-oriented to development-oriented, housing will become more and more like durable consumer goods, development business will become more and more like manufacturing, and operation business, which is essentially content operation, will become more and more like service industry.

In recent years, the thrown into the real estate “the silver age”, and then to shout the slogan of “live”, vanke has been foreign conveys a feeling of caution and a sense of crisis, “vanke real estate” to get rid of the “real estate” to become “China vanke,” vanke’s main business includes real estate development and property services currently two core business, and even in food, also there is the news of the last to enter the pig industry.

In 2020, Vanke achieved operating revenue of 419.11 billion yuan and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 41.52 billion yuan, up 13.9% and 6.8% respectively year-on-year, according to the company’s financial report released on the evening of March 30.

By business type, the operating income from real estate development and related assets business was 40.045 billion yuan, accounting for 95.5%; Revenue from property services was 15.43 billion yuan, accounting for 3.7 percent of the total. At the same time, Vanke is still active in acquiring land. In 2020, Vanke acquired 168 new projects, with a total planned construction area of 33.665,000 square meters.

In terms of current hot rental housing, vanke in the annual report disclosure, the centralized rent the apartment brand “” berth” has become the largest scale and highest rents domestic centralized rent the apartment, between 142400, which opened up to the end of 2020, to meet the annual business income is 2.54 billion yuan, up 72.33% from a year earlier, the overall occupancy rate of more than 95%.

Yu Liang believes that the rental market is in great demand. In the Central Economic Work Conference and the 14th Five-Year Plan, there are comprehensive arrangements on everything from taxes and fees, land, finance and the right to rent and purchase, which are much longer than in the real estate market. In the context of social deleveraging, the government has been increasing policy support for rental housing, which is good news for long-term rental apartment enterprises.” (after)

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