Content and service double wheel drive domestic video website member rises in price to become a trend

BEIJING, April 6 (Gao) — Tencent Video recently announced a slight price increase for its members, following an increase by iQIYI in November last year and an increase by Disney+, its streaming media platform, in March this year.

Under the environment of rising global prices and perennial losses of domestic video websites, it may become an inevitable choice for video websites to adjust the membership price which has not changed for many years. So far, membership increases have been modest. So, do video platforms deserve higher membership revenue? Does the video member after the price rise still have cost-effective advantage?

In recent years, while continuing to cover high-quality copyrighted content, the video platform has focused on self-made content to meet the growing entertainment needs of users. The horizontal expansion and vertical deep cultivation of the platform in the content field have created a number of diversified high-quality content to emerge one after another, the number of highly reputable content shows a leap growth, and the trend of high-quality video content market is becoming more and more significant. “Ghost Blows Out the Light” series, “Hidden Corner” and other hot style series, “Creation Camp” “Strange Talk” and other series of variety shows, “Douruo mainland” “Master of Magic Tao” and other high-quality countries have gained high attention and high heat. As the net hot style more and more, content quality continues to go up, video websites in the content of continuous investment more make quality content supply is more and more guaranteed. Tencent video, for example, in 2021 the continuous extension of tencent video series, variety, documentaries, animation, movies, children’s, such as the content of the whole category, has launched the “dou luo continent” the brocade heart like jade “long poetry” “create camp 2021” poking fun at the 5 “content such as lead to chase play chase heald boom, to satisfy the different age paragraph the audience the video content of consumer demand.

Meanwhile, in the beginning of the New Year, iQIYI also caused a lot of discussion with the success of “Youth3” and “Huge Sweetheart”. In addition to the content has been broadcast, video platform reserves are also very rich. Tencent video alone has a number of dramas ready for development, such as the big ancient dramas “The Journey of the Tough Knave in the Snow”, “The Journey of Hostas”, “The Dust of the Ancient Ring”, modern dramas “Special War Glory” and “You are My Glory”. In the variety section, new and old IPs such as “Children of Tomorrow Folk Season”, “Deyun Dou Laurel Club 2” and “Offer3” will also be launched one by one. In addition, films such as “Guardian of the Golden Ring” and “Broke Gold”, cartoons such as “Perfect World” and “Silence Reader”, documentaries such as “Flourish World” season 3 and “Journey of the Brave” will be released in succession in 2021.

IQIYI, “Who’s the Murder?” and “A Fate Wish” are in production, “The Wind Rises Luoyang” adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel of the same name, and the urban idol drama “Dear Army Suit” are all highly anticipated.

On the basis of content reserves covering multiple categories and types, video content products increasingly highlight the trend of quality, which comprehensively guarantees users’ video content consumption experience from quantity to quality.

It is understood that in addition to continuing to improve content quality and content richness, video websites are also supporting the optimization of the rights and interests of members and users, and strive to improve the VIP cost performance. Jump advertisement, look first, enjoy more advanced audio-visual effect has become a member of the basic services. For example, the color audio-visual function launched by Tencent Video not only supports HDR technology, high resolution, high frame rate, but also provides stereo surround sound, which creates a clearer, smoother and real audio-visual feast and also causes users to “tap water” Amway.

In addition, video website still offers the member product of different characteristic. For example, Tencent Video has successively opened joint membership with QQ Music, Kugou Music, Meituan Takeout, Vipshop, Amazon, Himalaya and other leading platforms in many fields. Compared with the purchase of membership respectively, the price of such joint membership is more favorable, and the “1+1 >; 2 “value upgrade. IQIYI has also launched joint membership with Jingdong, etc. Last year, it also launched Xingzuan VIP. High-level member users can choose to buy it without paying extra to enjoy advanced on-demand services. More than such, video website also can undertake activity of member marketing. Tencent Video has previously opened VIP, on the gift of KFC Zaizao card, send 1 year Himalayan members and other activities, to users to send more discounts. It is understood that this price increase, Tencent Video will also be signed before the formal price increase of automatic renewal households to provide price protection services, maintain the automatic renewal status of users will enjoy the price before the price adjustment within more than a year. In addition, video websites will also be irregular holidays to launch a variety of concessions, virtually reducing the cost of users.

As you can see, the members of the head video site price adjustment is based on the increasingly rich content and high quality service, and with the content of more pay for content feedback to the upstream production Taipei party peace, video for the depth and breadth of content service will be further promoted, member user will also have more diversity, higher ratio of entertainment consumption experience. (after)

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