Interview with Junsong Peng, VP of SAP Greater China: Toward the Last Mile of the Industrial Internet

(Investing in China) Interview with Junsong Peng, Vice President of SAP Greater China: Toward the Last Mile of Industrial Internet

Topical interview with SAP Greater China Vice President Peng Junsong: Toward the Last Mile of Industrial Internet

Written by Liu Wenwen

“Standing at this time node today, we can see that the unit technology of the industrial Internet has been basically mature, and is now in the bottleneck stage of advancing to the last kilometer.” SAP Greater China Vice President Peng Junsong said in a recent interview with reporters.

As the world’s largest application software provider, SAP has completed the transformation from information architecture to digital architecture with digital and industrial Internet technologies, and realized the closed-loop management of the whole value chain under the complex enterprise architecture. During the epidemic period, the digital demand of Chinese enterprises increased significantly, and SAP provided services to a large number of Chinese customers.

Peng Junsong bluntly, the epidemic exposed many enterprises in the digital construction there are many deficiencies.

Peng explained that the natural response of many enterprises is to connect people and processes through basic digital means, such as teleconferencing and remote training. However, the entire operation of the enterprise is more than this, and a large number of digital businesses need to be carried out to restore production and promote sales with digital technology, which indicates that there are still many deficiencies in the previous digital investment and exposed many problems. At the same time, we can also see that the demand for digitization continues to increase globally, and so does the business in China.

What is the development of China’s industrial Internet?

After all the efforts of the Chinese government in the past few years, the industrial Internet has now entered the fast lane, Peng said.

As of last year, the number of industrial Internet platforms in China had exceeded 500, the largest in the world, Peng said. In this context, coupled with the development of its own 5G technology and general technology, China’s round of industrial Internet has indeed achieved the integration of digital technology and industry.

Peng Junsong introduced, the current industrial Internet in a large number of equipment connection, network technology application stage, and before this is more like an industrial Internet of Things, emphasizing the connection of things. In the future, as more enterprises are put into use, the industrial Internet will produce more useful and valuable information on the basis of material data, connect the whole industry upstream and downstream chain to each other, and drive the transformation and upgrading of the real industry.

“That’s what the industrial Internet is all about.” Peng Junsong said.

Peng Junsong admitted that China’s industrial Internet has done a very good infrastructure in the early stage, and the next is the application period that really helps the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. Today, this time point is just a turning point between the first half and the second half.

Peng Junsong said that in terms of unit technology, data collection, storage, analysis algorithms have been basically mature, and now the industrial Internet is in the bottleneck stage of advancing to the last kilometer.

He pointed out that now all the industrial products, industrial equipment have been on the cloud, have their own industrial Internet of Things platform, IT(Information Technology), OT(Operation Technology) barriers and boundaries are slowly beginning to disappear, blurred. For enterprises, in the face of a variety of platforms, to establish a unified intelligent factory for intelligent transformation, is bound to understand a variety of different equipment, especially with the integration of IT and OT, to integrate, to consider more.

In Peng Junsong’s opinion, the connection between platforms cannot be realized only by enterprises and projects, but needs to be promoted and solved by the power of society and industry. How to realize platform interconnection in a low cost and low risk way is an urgent problem to be solved in advancing the industrial Internet to the last kilometer. (after)

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