KPMG has officially launched its first new Chinese goods 50 list

Beijing, April 6 (Chen Jing Liu Wenwen) New domestic goods in recent years for the Chinese consumer market into new vitality, promote China’s economic recovery after the COVID-19, but also for the upcoming May Day Golden Week period of consumer consumption played a good boost.

The recent 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2021 government work report have put forward comprehensive consumption, in the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan year, new domestic goods will be ushered in a highly focused brand value point. Right goods rise, under this background, the KPMG officially launched KPMG China new goods list of top 50 projects, through online and offline model expert team comprehensive selection mechanism, explore new air in the field of the latest development trend, actively explore the industry is committed to innovative high-growth enterprises, help promote the construction and development industry.

Wu Guoqiang, vice chairman of KPMG China, said: “The internal cycle of economy and building a strong domestic market are the key to the construction of the double cycle system. The expansion of domestic consumption is undoubtedly the focus of the internal cycle. It is necessary to cultivate new consumption scenes and new channels, activate the domestic market, and achieve consumption upgrading.” In this context, the domestic consumer market is no longer a foreign monk good chanting scriptures, all brands must cut into the inner cycle channel, through the realization of localization, into a new life cycle. Chinese brands will usher in a period of rapid development due to their unique advantages at both ends of supply and demand.

It is understood that as KPMG’s future 50 list series, the list of 50 new Chinese goods will focus on two aspects of brand renewal and new product point explosion. Based on long-term observations of the retail and consumer goods industry, KPMG will conduct desk research on the ecological status of the industry, and conduct field visits to the registered companies and interviews with their founders and senior management teams.

At the same time, through the executive of industry leading enterprises, scientific research experts and scholars in the field of industry experts such as interviews, listen to the personage inside course of study to the industry and the segmentation in the field of cognition and views, from the six core dimensions: experience innovation, function innovation, technology innovation, design innovation, model innovation, marketing innovation to carry out the assessment. Finally, based on KPMG China’s retail and consumer goods industry big data platform, in-depth analysis of enterprises will be conducted, and the list will be released in the second half of 2021.

In addition, KPMG China will participate in the first China International Consumer Goods Fair to be held in Haikou on May 7 and 10, and the recruitment campaign for the new Chinese 50 list will also appear at this fair. (after)

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