Selected into the “Zhuoxin Big Data Plan” enterprise list Suntech Agency leads the industry innovation

Recently, by the ministry of industry and scientific research institutions directly under the China academy of information and communication by “ZhuoXin data plan” enterprise list, as the deepening of adult online education 18 years of suntech, relying on science and technology can assign the successful practice of education included in the list, this is undoubtedly the strength for research, especially the height of the big data applications innovation ability.

A person in charge of Suntech said that today, the cutting-edge technologies represented by AI, big data and other technologies are showing infinite vitality and will become a new growth point of China’s economy in the future. Since its establishment, Suntech has always been committed to enabling educational development through scientific and technological innovation, continuously increasing investment in AI and other scientific and technological research and development, and improving the quality and service level of online teaching to better satisfy the learning experience of the majority of students.

It is understood that “Zhuoxin Big Data Plan” is initiated by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a platform for political, industrial, academic, research and legal exchanges in the field of data security. The plan will build a total factor ecology of data security governance, including infrastructure, testing and evaluation, talent training, legal advice, data auditing, and publicity. Starting from the construction of data security infrastructure, improve data security system, explore data security application innovation three aspects, escort for enterprise data security.

In order to promote more secure data storage, use and sharing in all industries, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) officially launched the “Zhuoxin Big Data Plan” in early 2021 after widely listening to opinions and suggestions from various parties. The plan aims to help enterprises improve their data security capabilities by introducing multi-level guidance measures and basic services. Promote the healthier and more sustainable development of China’s digital economy.

It is understood that as the first stock of adult online education in the United States, Suntech has completed online transformation as early as 2014, and is a pioneer in online education. In terms of big data, Suntech has set up a data center with its own computing cluster and complete data collection and processing processes at the bottom.

Specifically, in the application of large data level, suntech institutions will brush the topic of students from the data, attendance, the class time data such as learning trajectory data collected under the condition of the students agree with, and on the basis of the analysis of students’ learning behavior and learning results, the optimal learning path for its planning, and push the personalized brush task, let the students to practice; On the other hand, Suntech institutions will also collect real question data, constantly expand the massive question bank, improve the learning efficiency of students.

Looking into the future, the relevant person in charge of Suntech said, “Enabling education through scientific and technological innovation has been the pursuit of Suntech. Next, suntech institutions will not forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind the corporate mission and vision, to grasp the Internet, the latest technology trends, continue to guide and promote the rapid progress of China’s education cause, innovation education teaching products, improving the quality of online teaching and service level, let technology applied to education better, promote students’ learning experience and effect, It will also contribute to the further prosperity of the online education industry and economy.”

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