Accumulated GMV stock up to 400 million Ctrip first “919 travel stock cost-effective festival” ended

Recently, ctrip’s first “919 Travel Stock and Cost Effective Festival” (hereinafter referred to as “Ctrip 919”) reached the climax of the final battle — the 919-minute peak live broadcast. The month-long campaign, which gathered more than 50 leading brands in the travel industry, came to an end after a challenging summer.

Ctrip platform data show that ctrip 919 accumulated GMV inventory reached 400 million yuan, the pre-sale cancellation rate is three times the industry average, the merchant income is equivalent to the total GMV1 billion +. Among them, ctrip official broadcast heat more than 60 million, the turnover of more than 100 million. As ctrip’s first marketing activity spanning over a cycle of more than a month, with the largest discount intensity throughout the year and the largest collection of travel brands, Ctrip 919 has gained a total exposure of more than 2 billion online and offline with the help of platform resources, KOL goods, sports star resources, social media platforms, offline scenes and other all-channel resources.

Ignite the traditional off-season 919 linkage to achieve the outbreak of marketing power

On August 19, ctrip officially released “919 trip to stock bargain day”, in the face of repeated outbreaks, disaster weather, such as force majeure, ctrip government joint destination, collection medium brand, merchants, enhance its reserves of cash flow, customer brand awareness, customers, merchants, destination, ctrip brand benefit, win-win together.

Related person in charge of introduction, September is the traditional tourism off season, but undertake the “National Day” golden week, autumn and winter theme tour and other tourism demand outbreak time period, choose this time period to promote the whole year, one is to value consumer travel demand and preference at this time is still not clear, need external inspiration stimulation; Second, b-end merchants also have strong marketing needs at this time, hoping to promote high-quality products to more users.

Compared with normal product promotion, Ctrip 919 has the characteristics of strong marketing, strong products and strong traffic. The activity is divided into the main venue and the sub-venue of accommodation, transportation and tourism products, with super brands, super destinations and super popular products throughout the whole cycle. Creative ways such as activity tasks and money saving cards are used to increase user stickiness, and centralized diversion to the peak broadcast room, and the return feast of the day 919 is welcomed. In addition to the official live broadcast of its flagship products, Ctrip enriched the communication matrix in the form of self-broadcast brand, certified stockholder and official tape, integrated the resources inside and outside the station, and linked online and offline to achieve a full range of sound explosion.

According to ctrip’s 919 brand achievements, multiple brands and single store won the crown in all dimensions. The TOP1 brands in total GMV, total orders, total scenic spot tickets, total hotel nights and total cancellation rate are chimelong tourism resort, fosun tourism & culture resort, Shanghai Disney resort, sands Macao resort, sunac tourism/shangri-la group. The TOP1 in GMV, order volume and cancellation rate of exploded products per store are sanya Atlantis, lijiang wyndham grand/grand villa resort and thousand island lake intercontinental resort respectively.

The TOP1 of total popularity of commodities, total GMV growth of non-active commodities, viewing popularity of official broadcast rooms, brand special orders of official broadcast rooms and GMV of self-broadcast rooms were obtained by Wuzhen × Gubei Shui Town, MGM Macau Resort, Haichang Group, Oct, Marriott Group-Haitang Bay Minsheng Westin Resort.

Ctrip super IP together new supply drive brand commercial potential

Industry insiders believe that the tourism market is in urgent need of innovative products and marketing activities to activate consumer vitality and business confidence at a time of repeated epidemic and different travel policies. Super Series, as the official marketing IP created by Ctrip, has helped many brands and destinations to make rapid progress in the field of integrated marketing since its launch in the second half of 2021, realizing the double explosion of sound volume and sales volume, and inspiring more new possibilities of brand business growth. In the first 919, super brands and destinations were broadcast in turn to enhance users’ awareness and meet consumers’ pursuit of tourism quality and brand.

According to Ctrip, Sanya, Macau and Huzhou ranked first in destination goods sales, GMV growth and traffic growth respectively in the super destination category. In addition, ctrip 919 peak live, also won the henan cultural and tourist hall, thus sports tourism administration of radio, film and television, culture and tourism in heilongjiang province hall, Shanghai ninth batch of Tibetan cadres liaison group, chongqing yuzhong district culture and tourism development commission and other departments, through the enterprise cooperation for visitors to provide cost-effective quality tourism products. Anyang, Harbin, Qomolangma and Yuzhong also saw traffic increase by 60 percent on the 919 day.

Ctrip 919 intensive output to create new supply, also aroused new expectations of new consumer groups, so that the tourism industry celebration to get rid of the simple discount, inventory clearance stereotype, so as to become a year’s eye-catching new product launch node. In 919 this year, a number of new brands including New Century Senpo, Inzhuli, China Green Hair, Nanjing MGM Meihui, Wyndham and Howard Johnson Lijiang jinlin have joined hands with Ctrip Super Shangxini, and achieved multi-dimensional growth in sales, inactive goods and traffic. Three ctrip vacation farms in Jinzhai, Anhui province, Jiyuan, Henan Province and Changsha Xunlonghe also appeared neatly for the first time, and most of the houses were sold out on the day of the live broadcast.

It is worth mentioning that ctrip traditional marketing activities this time also joined 919, to create a new sound volume. Ctrip 9.9 Hotel Festival this year for the first time as a sub-conference of 919, rather than a single category of marketing activities, page views compared to previous years increased by more than 25%. Ctrip also launched the “money saving card” product for the first time, which enhanced user stickiness through 10 rights including big-name hotels, exclusive ticket discounts and daily seckilling. It exposed more than 20 million merchants in total, and increased orders of participating merchants by 30%.

Outside the platform, in the 30-day activity cycle, Ctrip’s contracted experts continue to export stock strategies as “stockpile intelligence officer”, reaching all kinds of consumer groups and achieving market growth. According to ctrip release millions of stock up TOP the list, AIRES line down, 51 love wool, outbreak sisters flower, travel city refers to the north, E net, hotel charged with your opponent, shrewd, IKIDS, passenger travel often radar, mywood said card, what is worth buying, Lao Yang life, played up goods such as officer made order exceeds 1000, the order amount exceeds 1 million.

“Ctrip 919 not only aims to be an important festival for travel e-commerce, but also will continue to evolve toward the goal of becoming an industry vane.” Relevant person in charge said.

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