Hainan to strengthen supervision of commercial projects to curb disguised transformation into “class housing”

Haikou, October 13 (Wang Ziqian Yin Jianjun) Hainan Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Planning, Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Hainan Market Supervision Administration issued a document on the 13th, strictly prohibited commercial projects disguised as “residential”, firmly prohibited by health care, headquarters economy in the name of enclosure development commercial housing disguised.

The document, titled “Opinions on Strengthening the Whole Process Management of Commercial and office Construction Projects,” puts forward a series of highly targeted measures from standardizing the land transfer requirements of construction projects, tightening the requirements of architectural design, strengthening the management of construction and completion acceptance, and strengthening the management of sales registration.

According to the guideline, the minimum floor area of a property division sale should not be less than 300 square meters and should not be registered as residential real estate. Projects built on land for retail commercial use and wholesale market shall be implemented according to the architectural design requirements of the Opinions, and shall not be limited by divided sales area, and supporting construction of small commercial service facilities shall be encouraged. It is strictly prohibited to divide the sale of hotel land and register real estate.

The opinion requires that commercial projects should be designed in strict accordance with the planned uses and building functions agreed in the land transfer contract, and the possibility of later transformation into “class residential” should be eliminated from the design source. For example, the building plane layout should be regular and residential block design form should not be used. Lavatory, toilet, tea room or drinking water supply point and various types of pipe well, flue, etc., should be centrally set up.

Market entities should develop, construct, sell and use the products in strict accordance with the approved planned uses, and unauthorized change of planned uses is strictly prohibited, the guideline said. Commercial projects like advertisers, advertising agents and publishers to sell houses, should clear house property for commercial projects, shall not be induced or cheat consumers, may not express or implied in the contents of advertisements houses have residential function, not “not restricted” in the name of “unlimited credit”, stunt instead of “business class project”.

In recent years, Hainan has strictly controlled real estate development with the determination of “breaking the wrists”. The proportion of investment in real estate development in fixed investment decreased year by year from 49.8% in 2017 to 38.7% in 2020. Since the implementation of the “double suspension” policy of real estate in Hainan Province, some projects tend to change the use function of commercial office projects into “quasi-residential” buildings with long-term residential function. Because its products are not affected by hainan real estate purchase restriction policy, there are illegal sales, false publicity, misleading buyers and other phenomena, which impact the real estate market and affect the effective implementation of real estate policies.

Yan Yuejin, research director of e-House Think Tank Center, said in an interview that the policy further reflects Hainan’s strict control over the housing market and continues to emphasize de-realty orientation. Hainan’s real estate market is obviously active this year. Under the existing strict house purchase policy, part of the demand for house purchase begins to enter the “quasi-residential” market, and some real estate enterprises also put the focus of development to this kind of property. After the policy adjustment, real estate enterprises and home buyers should strictly observe the discipline of project development and subscription, and guard against behaviors such as crossing the red line. (after)

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