In October the average daily shipment of electric coal 19500 cars taiyuan railway began to transport coal for the war

Taiyuan, October 13 (Ren Lina) Reporter learned from The China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., LTD., according to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council’s overall deployment, in accordance with the requirements of China National Railway Group Co., LTD., Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., LTD., starting today to fully carry out this winter and next spring coal transport for power generation and heating supply special action. To ensure that the average daily load of electric coal in October is more than 19,500 cars, accounting for 39% of the total electric coal volume of the road, to ensure the smooth operation of the national economy and people’s warm winter.

Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is located in the main coal producing areas in the west of Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. It is mainly responsible for passenger and cargo transport in Shanxi Province and part of freight transport in surrounding hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces and cities. The Daqin Line, Wali Line, Houyue Line and Shitai Line under its jurisdiction are all important energy transport channels in China.

Taiyuan railway began to carry coal for war. Lv Yufei perturbation

Recently, under the influence of continuous rainfall in Shanxi Province and the centralized repair construction of Daqin Line and Beitongpu line, the special action of supply protection is facing great pressure. Taiyuan bureau group co., LTD adhere to the “structural adjustment, increase ability, keep the bottom line and sustaining economic growth”, the deep exploration work, fully release the cargo capacity, save coal less than 7 days in pipe line of 15 plants equipped group command confirmed for 7 days’ inventory of the following plants, should be in outfit, strengthen long-term coal contract deliverables, and to the port of coal transport organization, Make every effort to ensure the transport of coal for electricity and heating.

In order to strengthen the transportation organization, Taiyuan Bureau Group Company established a leading group for coal supply protection, formulated 20 measures for coal supply protection, established a daily docking mechanism with China National Railway Group and local provinces and cities, and timely grasped the coal supply, demand, transportation and emergency demand for coal supply and transportation. For the coal used for power generation and heating, the “five priorities” principle of coal source verification, air distribution, loading, release and unloading shall be given priority, scientific planning and scheduling, overall planning and optimization organization shall be carried out to ensure the efficient connection and rapid operation of the traffic flow, and the electric coal materials shall be loaded with the load and go with the load without detention.

Continuous rainfall since October, resulting in taiyuan bureau group company in the tube of many water damage interruption, after active repair, the last south with pu line east view to Qi County line is also about to repair and open. During this period, for the affected more than 30 coal transport trains, the bureau group company to take water damage section single line through, roundabout transport and other measures to reduce the impact of water damage.

At the same time, strict line patrol and inspection, found dangerous situations decisively stop trains, especially for the recent changes in the settlement of heavy rainfall areas, increase the inspection frequency and density, targeted rectification, to ensure the safety and stability of transport.

From October 4 to 28, daqin line and Beitongpu Line will carry out centralized maintenance for three hours a day to quickly restore the performance of railway facilities and equipment after the summer energy supply guarantee. In order to ensure construction, transportation, two not mistake, taiyuan bureau group company in minutes, precise construction and transportation planning, reasonable arrangement of the train operation plan, standard freight train speed, full shaft full tonnes, one thousand party hundreds of construction time, scramble for transportation, ensure the concentrative daqin line during daily transport coal 1 million tons, to 1.05 million tons.

Since October, Taiyuan Bureau Group co., Ltd. has transported nearly 260,000 carloads and 19.12 million tons of coal, among which the Daqin Line carries 1,047 million tons of coal per day. The coal storage capacity of 15 power plants in the line has been maintained for more than 15 days. (after)

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