The total value of the second batch of concentrated land-supply transactions in Beijing and Shanghai fell by nearly half compared with the first batch

China News Service, Beijing, October 13 (reporter Pang Wuji) Beijing and Shanghai completed the second batch of centralized land supply this year on July 13. Compared with the first batch of centralized land supply, the second batch of centralized land supply in both cities saw a significant drop in temperature, with the total amount of land transaction reduced by nearly half.

According to statistics, The second batch of Beijing launched a total of 43 cases involving housing land, including 26 cases of land due to no housing enterprise registration and delay selling, 5 cases due to only a housing enterprise online bidding in advance of the bottom price clinched a deal, 11 cases in 13 days to complete on-site bidding.

According to the middle finger Research institute statistics, Beijing this successful transfer of 16 houses involved in the land to attract a total of more than 20 housing enterprises bidding, compared with the first time more than 50 participating in the auction of housing enterprises, the heat declined significantly, only haidian Dongsheng town two blocks into the high standard of competition program.

From the perspective of land transfer fees, according to the statistics of Centaline Property Research Center, the total amount of the second batch of 16 residential land transfers in Beijing is about 51 billion yuan (RMB, the same below). In the first round of centralized land supply this year, all 30 residential land parcels supplied by Beijing were sold, and 15 of them involved more than 10 enterprises, with a total transaction amount of nearly 111 billion yuan.

Shanghai second batch of centralized supply of the same low temperature operation. Before the land auction began, seven of the 27 residential sites involved were terminated early.

According to the statistics of The Middle Finger Research Institute, the total amount of the second batch of centralized land for sale in Shanghai is about 53.8 billion yuan. If the affordable housing land is excluded, the amount of commercial residential land is about 48 billion yuan. This amount is also significantly lower than Shanghai’s first batch of centralized land sale amount of 85.7 billion yuan.

In terms of Beijing and Shanghai, although the total amount of the second batch of centralized land supply transactions in the two cities exceeded RMB 100 billion, compared with the level of nearly RMB 200 billion in the first batch, it dropped by nearly half.

Middle finger institute of Shanghai branch, a senior analyst at 刘喆 said, review the first set for performance, Shanghai to for the second batch of concentrated heat is down, the land market cooling, bank loans are the main causes of this phenomenon policy tightening, enterprise receivable pressure and tightening financing channel at the same time, the enterprise, the land will is suppressed, the land tends to be more rational.

In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, a number of cities, such as the cooling of the land market, land auction increased. Statistics from Centaline Property Research Center show that more than 168 cases of land transfer have been suspended or delayed, accounting for 25 percent of the planned land transfer in key cities undergoing the second batch of centralized land supply. If part of the distributed bidding land is added, more than 30% of the land in the second round of centralized land supply is equivalent to the floating bidding. (after)

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