There will be no problem in ensuring people’s electricity and gas consumption this winter and next spring, Chinese officials said

China News Service Beijing, October 13 (reporter Xia Bin) Will China be able to ensure its energy supply in the face of severe supply and demand pressure from electricity and coal this winter and next spring? Zhao Chenxin, secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), said on Wednesday that there is no problem in ensuring a secure and stable supply of energy and fully ensuring people’s electricity and gas consumption.

On the same day, a briefing on the policy of ensuring energy supply this winter and next spring was held in Beijing. Zhao said at the meeting that the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will work with members of the inter-ministerial coordination mechanism on coal, electricity, oil and gas transportation to strengthen operation coordination and dispatch to ensure a stable and reliable supply of electricity and coal.

In terms of power supply, Zhao said, we will ensure the use of coal for power generation and heating, ensure the effective output of generating units, strengthen the balance between surplus and shortage of the large power grid, resolutely curb the blind development of high energy consumption projects, and resolutely protect people’s energy consumption.

In particular, he stressed that the proportion of people’s energy consumption in the overall supply is not high, with residents’ electricity consumption accounting for about 15% of the total electricity consumption and gas consumption accounting for less than 50% of the total gas consumption. There is no problem in ensuring full supply of electricity and gas. Local governments and enterprises will be guided to give top priority to the people’s livelihood, protect the people’s well-being when necessary, formulate plans for energy use in a scientific and orderly way, and ensure that no restrictions are placed on electricity or gas rationing.

According to Sun Qingguo, director of the safety foundation department of the State Administration of Mine Safety, officials have checked the safety conditions of 976 coal mines, 153 of which meet the requirements for supply and demand, adding about 220 million tons of coal production capacity per year. Coal output is expected to increase by 55 million tons in the fourth quarter, with an average daily increase of 600,000 tons. It plays a positive role in easing supply and demand tension and suppressing coal price.

Qing-guo sun also calls, emergency capacity must be orderly and moderately expansion, to adhere to the “national chess” thought, clear the review principle of capacity increase, resolute don’t allow autonomously, rush, more not allowed in the name of the insured for relaxed safety standards, break through the security line, the safety of mine expansion into unsafe mines, the low risk of mine expansion into high-risk mine, The risk to the lives of miners. (after)

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