Chen Rui, CEO of B station, attends the 2021 China Network Media Forum: The theme needs to be spread in a way that young people like

The China Online Media Forum 2021 officially opened in Guangzhou on Nov 24. The forum is co-hosted by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the China Media Group and the Cyberspace Administration of Guangdong Province. Let large flow surge positive energy “as the theme. Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of Bilibili, delivered a speech titled “Generation Z: How to Spread Mainstream Values” at a content forum organized by Xinhua. “The main theme, the positive content, needs to be spread in a way that young people like,” Chen said.

As a comprehensive video platform popular with young people, station B has 267 million monthly active users, of which 86% are under 35 years old. This means that one in two young People in China, also known as Generation Z, is a Website B user.

Chen Rui believes that positive content needs to be told and spread in a language that young people are familiar with, and the UP leader is a very suitable role. At present, B station has more than 2.7 million active creators every month and creates more than 10 million videos every month. They are generally young, talented, creative and full of positive energy.

For example, UP’s “War on sand Table” explains the classic battle of “Four Crossings of Chishui” in the Long March through three-dimensional sand table software. UP master “subtitle Jungouba” made the world’s first barrier-free e-sports bed for zhu Mingjun, a fireman with high paraplegia and also UP master. These positive content created by UP has been reported and forwarded by mainstream media such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency and CCTV for more than 27,000 times in the past year.

In addition to gaining attention and reports from mainstream media, UP owners of STATION B also cooperate with mainstream media to create high-quality video content. For example, Xiakedao and UP host “Li Mugua” jointly created a video to tell the story behind China’s first atomic bomb; Xinhua News Agency and UP’s jamjam, a pop-up book on China’s 100-year modern history; CCTV news teamed UP with “Old Tomato” and “a fantasy king” to write a song “Running” as a tribute to the National Day, and became the no.1 in the B-station chart.

Content that promotes traditional culture is also popular at B station. UP to the end of October, the number of videos on Chinese customs created by the UP host of B station has exceeded 2 million. In the past year, the number of viewers of guofeng videos in STATION B has reached 136 million.

In addition to the content created by UP, B station also makes its own content through the platform to carry forward traditional Chinese culture. Among them, station B produced a Mid-Autumn Festival special program “Happy Night” with a garden party to integrate the traditional culture and folk customs of various Chinese dynasties; The cultural drama dance program “Dance Millennium”, launched in November this year, uses the form of “story + traditional culture + dance art” to spread Chinese dance culture in a three-dimensional way.

Chen Rui believes that the foundation of the revival of traditional culture lies in the young people, and traditional culture should be interpreted and participated in by the young people themselves, so that the traditional culture can have sustained vitality and widespread transmission power.

Station B also spreads positive value through documentaries and national creative works. Among them, B station produced “Guarding the Liberation of the West”, “in Wuhan”, “Wisdom of China” and other documentaries, recording the social process of China. In terms of national creative works, B station also continues to launch positive and high-quality content such as “My Country”, “Heavy Vessel 2069” and “That Year’s Rabbit Thing”.

At the forum, Chen Rui also talked about his thoughts on video content creation: “I always believe that in the era of video, China may become the world’s largest content producer and exporter. We believe that Chinese cultural works will ride the wave of ‘video’ to spread around the world.”

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