Pinduoduo’s “Reading for You” public welfare activity entered Xi ‘an Special School

Liu Fangfang, a children’s literature writer, shares the importance of reading in a special reading class at xi ‘an No. 2 School for the Deaf and Mute in Xi ‘an, Capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, Nov. 24, 2018.

This is a special stop of pINDUoduo’s “Reading for You” charity activity. On the same day, pinduoduo’s “Reading for You” public welfare program brought more than 2,000 new books, stationery and sports goods to xi ‘an No. 2 Deaf-mute School. At the same time, Shaanxi children’s literature writer Liu Fangfang also came to the activity site, bringing wonderful classes for children. In shaanxi, the campaign will also donate more than 3,000 books to the Stonewall Village teaching center in Luonan County, Shangluo city.

40 years of loving care, planting “four-leaf clover” for children

Zhang Yating picked up the kettle and filled it with water. She called out to the children, “Come to the front and look at it.” She motioned to the children to see what she was doing and mouthed loudly: “Guan –“, when the thermos was filled with water, the children began to cry out. Zhang Yating pointed to the mouth of the thermos and pointed to her own mouth and shouted “Man –“

This is xi ‘an second deaf-mute school second grade children’s Chinese class “the ball floated up”, after a class, the teacher hand to sign language, mouth to do lip, need to use more physical movements, to teach by example.

Xi ‘an Second Deaf-mute School, founded in 1982, the continuation of the xi ‘an first blind and mute School (now xi ‘an blind and mute School) naming rules, in the establishment of the name of “Xi ‘an Second Deaf-mute School”. The school has formed a comprehensive system of preschool rehabilitation education, compulsory education, senior high school education and vocational education for deaf children.

Zhang Yating is teaching Chinese to grade two. There are 13 children in her class. Grades here are not divided by the age of the children, but by the degree of hearing rehabilitation of the children.

Some of the children can’t hear, some can’t speak, and some won’t talk because they’re autistic. During class, the teacher will wear an FM frequency device on the chest, and the children receive the teacher’s voice by wearing hearing aid sound boots, which can filter out the noise in the environment, so that they can hear the teacher’s voice more clearly. At the same time, the frequency band of each classroom is different, and the sound will not “string class”.

‘This class is about literacy,’ Ms. Zhang said. ‘Next class, I will take the children outside to dig a hole, put a ball in it, and then pour water into the hole so that the children can really understand what it looks like when a ball comes up.’

Zhang Yating, who has been teaching for 27 years, said, “In our school, every teacher is like this.”

Wang wenjuan is one of the first students to study special education in China. In 1989, at the age of 20, she came to Xi ‘an No. 2 Deaf-mute School after graduation. She has been working for 32 years.

A ninth-grade boy likes reading science and technology books very much. When he found something interesting on the Internet, he ran to the reading room and asked, “Miss Wang, do we have this book?” Wang Wenjuan checked and found that there was no book, and wrote down the title of the book carefully to help the children buy books. Every day after class, some children come to the reading room to borrow books and read books. Books nourish the soul of these children living in a quiet world.

Writer Liu Fangfang gives reading lessons to children

In the reading room, the children saw neat shelves filled with many interesting books, which they turned to one after another.

Read the ninth grade preparatory class of a girl, she usually likes to read the romance of The Three Kingdoms, because there are Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang these historical figures.

Writer Liu Fangfang gives a reading lesson to children as the teacher interprets sign language.

“The first book I read as a child was The Legend of the Condor Heroes.” Liu Fangfang, a children’s literature writer, children’s science fiction writer and executive editor of Fairy Tale World, shares her childhood with her children. She was born in a rural area, and books were scarce. Once, she took half a steamed bun and exchanged a book with her partner. She was hungry to read while her partner tasted her half a steamed bun.

Later, she saw “Yang Jia will” “high mountain garland” and so on, are her brother back, in order to get these books, she helped her brother do housework, washing clothes, sweeping the floor, burning kang. Because like reading, let her have a dream, when a writer in the future, let others read their books. Finally, after more than 20 years, she realized her dream.

Liu fangfang shares her reading habits, taking notes and doing mental analysis. She teaches children how to choose books and how to read a book.

Liu fangfang told the children that writers are like magicians who create a new world for you. She encourages children to read more books. Reading books can enrich people’s minds, give them a higher perspective and a more tolerant mind, and make them have the courage to face ups and downs in life.

In April this year, a lot of spelling confirm knowledge pratt &whitney for long-term strategy, and start the “great reading month” large-scale activities, a support writers and works of high quality creative intention creator plan “, joint influential media all over the country, well-known author, publisher, etc., to launch “for you to read” public interest action, to help rural cultural revitalization of the corporate responsibility to contribute knowledge, pratt & Whitney. Add a corporate muscle.

The program started in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, and has donated more than 100,000 books to primary and secondary school students in Hubei, Bazhou and Tacheng in Xinjiang, Delingha in Qinghai province, Yongdeng in Gansu province, Guizhou and Yunnan.

“In the future, together with more writers, we will go to more primary and secondary schools to donate books for children and read books for children.” Pinduoduo said.

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