Qu Fang: Do a good job in ecological management of the platform to create a clearer network environment

Qu Fang, founder of Little Red Book, attended and delivered a keynote speech at the China Online Media Forum on Planning the Future of Digital Development in Guangzhou on November 25.

As a participant in the digital economy, Xiaohongshu has become a guide to a better life for the vast number of users, witnessing new trends such as the renewal of traditional time-old brands, the rise of offline new industries and young people returning to their hometowns to start businesses, Qu said. At the same time, bearing the expectations of many users, Xiaohongshu has always adhered to the correct value orientation, constantly strengthened the construction of the platform content ecology, and created a clearer network environment.

Since the beginning of this year, xiaohongshu has strictly dealt with illegal content and accounts in accordance with the requirements of various special rectification actions, dealing with tens of thousands of notes and closing more than 7,000 illegal accounts. For example, from May to October this year, Xiaohongshu dealt with 8,787 articles about flaunting wealth and punished 240 accounts.

At the same time, the platform for some of the high consumption or have a certain tendency to show off the wealth of keywords online prompt, when users search “Ferrari”, “Bugatti”, “luxury” and other keywords, the page will display “sincere sharing, rational consumption” prompt.

“Only by cracking down on illegal information and creating a clearer online environment can we win users’ continued trust.” Qu fang said in the speech. She said xiaohongshu not only regards ecological work as a due social responsibility, but also as the core competitiveness of the platform in the future.

We will build a gathering place for diversified life, and the platform economy will help new forms of offline business

“Where to go on your graduation trip, how to prepare for your first interview, how to cook yourself a great meal, how to choose a gift for your partner… Xiaohongshu is a place where users can share their life stories and find a better life.” Qu Fang said.

In the process of platform growth, People’s Daily life, more and more online development: Big White rabbit, Baiquling and other traditional old brands are through the Internet platform to refresh; Driven by the new lifestyle, a number of new offline forms of business have also begun to flourish.

Camping, for example, will spread from red books to the Internet in 2021. So far, there have been more than 220,000 users sharing their camping life and more than 450,000 notes on the book. The number of camping notes posted during this year’s National Day holiday increased 11-fold compared to the same period last year.

Yearning for a new way of life, more and more young people are involved in the upsurge of returning home to start a business. “We see more and more post-90s and post-95s taking advantage of their deep understanding of Internet platforms to join the offline world and become a new force driving the development of small stores in the digital era.” QuFang said.

In her speech, Qu told the story of a redbook user named “Black Cat Adult.” The post-90s girl from Shandong province launched her three-year plan to open a shop in her hometown of Rizhao in July 2020. From the first day of the shop’s renovation, she recorded the whole process of preparation and opening in the little red book. Many of her fans in the comment section cheered her on every day and became the bakery’s first customers. Now, more than a year after opening, black Cat Adult’s bread is not only selling well locally, but also being sold across the country through online channels.

Adhere to the value orientation, nearly 20 Xiaohongshu bloggers called for “sincere sharing, resist flaunted wealth”

“With the gradual development of the platform, while serving more and more users, we also realize the heavy social responsibility as a platform, especially in the value-oriented guidance.” Qu Fang said.

In April this year, Xiaohongshu released its first community pact, which established “sincere sharing and friendly interaction” as its community values, and explicitly asked users to avoid sharing content that “shows off wealth” and “overly embellish”.

In May, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) deployed and launched a series of special actions called “Clear Lang” in 2021. Xiaohongbook has intensified efforts to deal with “speculation and flaunting of wealth”, “eating and drinking” and other bad behaviors in the community, and intensified efforts to crack down on flaunting of wealth.

The platform’s crackdown on flaunting wealth has also won the collective support of Xiaohongshu bloggers. Last week, nearly 20 Xiaohongshu bloggers took the initiative to call on content producers to “sincerely share and resist flaunts of wealth,” and to encourage more bloggers and users to join the support team.

Qu said xiaohongshu must step up efforts to control activities that seek attention in exaggerated ways and destroy the friendly atmosphere of the platform, leaving more space and flow to high-quality content that can inspire people’s yearning for a better life and inspire them to work hard.

“We are clearly aware of the importance of adhering to the value orientation and improving the ecological governance of the platform. Only by severely cracking down on illegal information and creating a cleaner online environment can we win the continued trust of users.” Qu Fang said.

Qu fang revealed that in addition to the content security department, Xiaohongshu also has a content ecology department, which has completed a complete closed loop from product, technology, operation to audit. Xiaohongbook is constantly improving the governance effect of the platform by strengthening the level of technical control, improving the interception ability of machine audit model, increasing the intensity of manual inspection, broadening the channels for user reporting, and strengthening the special training of content security.

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