Shang he visited single mothers with tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation

More than two months ago, in a charity donation activity, The Shanghe Charity Foundation paid attention to two strong and independent mothers who “rode the wind and waves” in difficulties. Their stories were moving. Recently, volunteers from the Shanghe Party branch, the Shanghe Public Welfare Foundation and the head of the Tianjin Women and Children’s Development Foundation came to their homes to send them warmth in winter.

A mobile phone, the old man quietly tears

In the first stop of the housewarming activity, the volunteer team came to the home of single mother Huang Lei (pseudonym). They brought her and her family lots of consolation goods and bought a new mobile phone as a surprise for the elderly.

Huang Lei (pseudonym) lives with her elderly parents and a daughter in an old neighborhood on Xiyuzhuang Street in Tianjin. After her divorce in 2017, she took care of her elderly parents while paying for her daughter’s education. Huang Lei (pseudonym) parents body has been bad, father heart stent, cerebral infarction; Mother’s breast cancer, cerebral infarction, both immobile. As the only child in her family, she had to support the whole family by herself. As a single mother, she must bear the responsibility of raising and educating her daughter alone.

ShangHe for figure

Before visiting, the volunteers learned that Huang Lei’s (pseudonym) parents had always wanted a smartphone, but were reluctant to buy one due to the family’s financial constraints. When shanghe volunteers handed a brand new mobile phone to the old man, the old man smiled happily, happy as a child, “After this, if the daughter is not at home, we can video with her!” The old man took the phone and his eyes filled with tears. For the family in trouble, though a mobile phone is not very expensive, it brings practical convenience to their life and even consoles the old man’s heart. Huang Lei (pseudonym) is also grateful for the volunteers’ love and care, saying that she will work harder to take good care of her parents’ health and let her children grow up as soon as possible.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Huang Lei (pseudonym) has chosen to be strong and turn her daughter into a sunny and optimistic child, doing her best to take care of her ailing parents. Shanghe Public Welfare will continue to pay attention to this self-strengthening mother, with practical actions to help her and her family to improve their living conditions, so that the mother can more calmly face life, let the child grow stronger.

ShangHe for figure

Help in the snow, send love to the mother

At the end of October, the volunteer team set out again to visit the home of li Jing (pseudonym), a single mother. In the past 20 years, this strong mother has overcome various difficulties such as being laid off from work and having her child suffering from serious diseases. With her unyielding will and industrious hands, she has raised her daughter and always faced life with a grateful heart. Li Jing (pseudonym) hopes to restore life through her own efforts, so that the elderly and children can see hope.

“In the middle of the kitchen renovation, my father was ill in hospital. I wanted to install a range hood for the kitchen, but I never installed it as…” Face in the home one after another and come change, Li Jing (alias) also feel helpless and exhaustion sometimes, but her total meeting adjusts him quickly, play spirit afresh, continue to go busy for the life.

After learning the story of Li Jing (pseudonym), the Shanghe Party branch and the Shanghe Public Welfare Foundation learned about the actual needs of her and her family through the Tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation, and specially bought a range hood machine for Li Jing (pseudonym) and her family to provide practical help for their life. When the volunteers appeared in the side, meticulous care and greetings constantly came, Li Jing (pseudonym) sent a sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart, used to be a little cold and quiet home, now lively, recovering from a serious illness of the old man also showed a long-lost smile. “Over the years, it is the continuous help of the Party, the government and caring enterprises that have made our lives depend on.” Li Jing said that her family caught up with the good times, good policies, and their children are now graduated and working, with the help of kind-hearted people, I believe the future life will be better and better.

During the conversation with Li Jing (pseudonym), the volunteers of Shanghe Charity were also moved by her strong will and character over the years. They learned more about the health of the elderly and the employment situation of their children, hoping to continue to help their families through the power of charity. As a single mother, Li Jing (pseudonym) is also worthy of praise for her spirit of going against the wind while bearing heavy burdens. Shang He hopes to better spread the positive energy of life and let the public welfare blossom into the most beautiful flowers.

Practice public welfare and speak for love with concrete actions

Since 2019, ShangHe joint tianjin municipal women’s federation, tianjin public foundation on single difficult mothers of children and women’s development foundation directional support, and in 2021 set up “‘ love the home of the ‘public welfare alliance base”, so far, there have been 460 mothers received aid, effective action to help mothers to improve the life, Also achieved a good social reputation.

This activity is the further extension and landing of the care for single mothers, and also another beneficial practice of Shanghe’s “needle-point” help. Although the charity donation activity themed “Boundless Kindness, Heart to Hope” has come to an end, Shang He has never stopped his philanthropic efforts. The public welfare action of Shanghe combines the theme, systematization and practicality, and builds the action of caring for mothers in difficulties into a complete public welfare project, which is continuously extended in a more pragmatic way.

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