Create positive energy with high-quality content and create large flow with innovative breakthroughs

Double 11 this year, CCTV financial channel live TV shopping cart “beautiful life” spread circle and the marketing world flocked attention and research, it is a advanced technology, novel content and spread broken circle of new media show, the live on stage design using the XR, AR technology, setting the scene of the first and second in the structure, Online and offline tasks are set separately in the content, creating a beautiful, warm, green, high-tech, fresh and fun immersive live experience for the audience. The total number of viewers of this live broadcast exceeded 100 million, and it won many hot searches. The total number of readers of all topics on the network reached nearly 1 billion, which can be said to be another huge innovation and breakthrough of CCTV’s new media live broadcast.

In the Internet era, mainstream media need to build modern internet-based communication capabilities through media convergence, improve their own guiding power and service capabilities, and influence and serve more audiences and users. In recent years, China’s mainstream media has actively practiced media convergence and achieved certain results. However, there are some prominent problems in the process of mainstream media, especially TV media convergence, such as insufficient service awareness and service ability, weak scientific and technological ability and lack of attention to new technologies. However, CCTV’s double 11 “Shopping Cart for a Better Life” live broadcast exploration skillfully changed the lofty content of grand narrative into the down-to-earth content of people’s livelihood. Service awareness and service ability were greatly improved, and a large number of XR, AR and other new technologies were used to create a deep sense of immersion combining virtual and reality. In tmall, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms and CCTV and other mainstream media draw a perfect “online and offline concentric circle”.

Service awareness is in place and service ability is greatly improved

Media integration transformation needs to handle the relationship between guiding the masses and serving the masses. For a long time, the media only emphasized the basic function of guiding the masses, but neglected to serve the masses, resulting in a serious disconnect between the content of production and the needs of the masses. Guiding the masses and serving the masses complement each other and should not be separated. “Serving the masses well” is the premise and foundation of “guiding the masses well”. If there is no grounded service content and ability to meet the needs of the masses for a better life, “guiding” the masses is like water without a source and a tree without roots, and will even become empty words.

CCTV finance double 11 “Good Life Shopping cart” live broadcast is a good exploration to serve the masses. There is no doubt that “Double 11” has already become an annual nationwide shopping carnival, which is closely related to the livelihood of every individual. In 2021, the total transaction volume of “Double 11” on Tmall is 540.3 billion yuan, which continues to grow steadily. CCTV’s Double 11 “Shopping Cart for a Better Life” live broadcast brought us into the “heart” of “Double 11”. The hosts Chen Weihong, Guo Ruotian and Wang Bingbing, the reporter of the front desk, recorded a concentrated outbreak of China’s digital economy with professional content and relaxed expression. It presents the huge momentum of Chinese consumption in an all-round way with detailed stories, wonderful moments, support of science and technology and data interpretation. For example, behind the “Double 11” “trend items” of Tmall, such as snowboard, outdoor power supply, pet toys, archaeological blind box and handwork, atmosphere lamp, morning C and Evening A, four treasures of the Study, prepared dishes, floor washing machine, and child safety seats, is everyone’s yearning for food and good things.

Netizens have also commented in the studio: “Buy buy buy behind the mysterious force, strong science.” “CCTV this play is very novel, I have not encountered in other places.” “Come to come, CCTV live is exciting! To force.” This live broadcast shows CCTV finance sincere service consciousness, as well as strong service ability, naturally also harvested a number of hot search!

The organic combination of technology and art highlights the paradigm of datai

XR and AR technologies are the frontier fields that the top media at home and abroad are actively exploring. In the live broadcast of “Shopping Cart for a Better Life” of CCTV Finance on Double 11, we can see the mature application of XR and AR and other new technologies everywhere. What is particularly praiseworthy is that the application of technologies in the program is not simply showcasing skills. It is an organic combination of Chinese-style architecture, comics, landscape and futuristic technology. Netizens commented that the full Chinese-style design of the program is too exciting to watch. Behind the cool is a kind of cultural confidence, and it is also the Chinese paradigm manifested by CGT as an international channel.

The background of the live broadcast provides a beautiful and immersive experience, as well as a full sense of the technical strength of the China Media Group. At the same time, CCTV’s professionalism and insistence on details are reflected everywhere in the live broadcast. It can be seen that the headquarters has been adhering to the idea of innovation, has been pursuing the forefront of the industry, and is ready to use the power of science and technology to respond to the challenges and seize new opportunities brought by the era of financial media. As netizens put it: “Technology changes Double Eleven. Technology makes people progress. Technology makes society better.” “CCTV is advancing with The Times now.” “Is it popular for singles’ Day? Surprise.”

Of course, CCTV Finance fully shows its own many black technology at the same time, but also fully shows the “Double 11” e-commerce platform black technology, showing the media and e-commerce platform are committed to high-quality development efforts. In the live broadcast room, we can see that the servers of the “Double 11” data center can “soak” the heat. During the “Double 11”, these data centers can absorb a large amount of green and clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation, which can reduce 26,000 tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to planting one million trees. In addition, robots can take over nearly 30 percent of repetitive tasks on duty. These technologies not only achieve efficient operation and maintenance, but also help to save energy and reduce emissions, and implement the concept of green and low-carbon.

Live broadcast to spread positive energy to arouse the love of the whole society

When some programs in the pursuit of traffic, the content of vulgar, excessive marketing of the time, “better life shopping cart” has been committed to the spread of positive energy, for the society to establish a clear wind is clear.

In the program, the front Desk specially prepared an elephant protection area as a public welfare task for this live broadcast. If you click “like” and collect the energy bar, Ali Charity will donate 1 million yuan to improve the 200 mu elephant protection area and improve the quality of life of elephants. At the same time, reporter Wang Bingbing and netizens shuttle interactive challenge, also gave the whole live broadcast through a warm and challenging main line, to attract netizens to participate in the interaction, complete the task of elephant protection.

As it turned out, the dotted line to protect the elephant did attract a flood of likes and “elephants”. “Social welfare is taking the lead, and CCTV has set a good example,” netizen comment. “I’ve given it a thumbs up. Elephant homes must be protected.” “CCTV Finance double 11, a little special oh,” “advocate low-carbon life, start from ourselves, protect our environment.” “Support such practices, DID not expect CCTV so, really great, I think we can have more such activities in the future, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!”

Spread the positive energy out of the circle, to the theme to create a large flow, high quality flow. What is even more heartwarming is the “One Shoe” project launched by Tmall and seven sports brands, which provides people with disabilities with the service of buying just one shoe. In the special venue of “Double 11”, there were no popular products, but there were special products for all kinds of special people, such as “one shoe”, musical rice cooker for the visually impaired, ultrasonic waveguide blind cane, Braille keyboard, lip mask, sign language interpreter, hearing aid, unmatched shoes, silicone prosthetics, turning AIDS, multi-functional backrest and so on. Make it easier for those who really need it to find what they want.

Increase online and offline interaction to enhance the sense of audience participation

In this live broadcast, there are not only the first scene hosted by Chen Weihong, Guo Ruotian, but also the second scene where Wang Bingbing, a reporter of the headquarters, completes various challenges in Ali Park. During the whole live broadcast, Wang led the audience to tour ali Campus and complete four tasks. For example, the challenge of warming up for the Winter Olympic Games was completed in the staff gym, and the challenge of recycling and unpacking express boxes was completed in the staff small post office. Audiences have also witnessed many funny, warm and shocking moments with Bingbing online.

How many packages can I open in a minute? In the CCTV finance and economics studio, Wang Bingbing “personally”, laugh said “enjoy a minute of happiness”! Finally, the # WangBingbing unpacking a package in four seconds has gone viral, with more than 270 million views. Bingbing also reminded everyone that “after receiving the package, the box can be sent to the recycling station, so that resources flow.”

After completing each task, Wang will give the audience a number to empty the shopping cart, and the audience will remind Wang how to do the challenge more efficiently through comments in the studio. This kind of form not only increases the program’s watchability, but also increases the audience’s sense of participation and immersion. The biggest difference between new media live broadcast and TV live broadcast is that the live broadcast of new media can interact with the audience anytime and anywhere. However, many previous new media live broadcast ignored this point and still used the traditional TV live broadcast thinking to do new media live broadcast, which is equivalent to just moving the TV live broadcast from the large screen to the small screen, but failed to effectively utilize the resources of new media live broadcast. This live broadcast of CCTV finance can be said to be a good example in the development of financial media.

Desk since its inception, has been emphasized by Internet continuous innovation propaganda interpretation methods of thinking, constantly in technology and art, technology and ideas, techniques, and the audience has made new breakthroughs in the fusion, the real thoughts of tension through art, technology, art and technology with the aid of dongfeng achieve good state, to achieve integration spread, spread, continue to spread. CCTV finance’s double 11 live broadcast of “Shopping Cart for a Better Life” is undoubtedly a successful exploration in accordance with such requirements, which not only fully demonstrates the temperature of CCTV’s service to the masses, but also shows the enthusiasm of guiding the masses, as well as the depth of technical capacity reserve. (Guo Quanzhong, Senior Economist, School of Journalism and Communication, Minzu University of China)

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