China’s 5G mobile phone shipments will reach 266 million units in 2021, up 63.5%

China’s 5G network construction is improving in 2021, with the number of users setting new highs, according to a document issued by China Information and Communications Institute on January 14. From January to December 2021, China shipped 266 million 5G phones, up 63.5 percent year-on-year, accounting for 75.9 percent of mobile phone shipments in the same period, far higher than the global average of 40.7 percent.

In terms of terminals, by the end of December 2021, a total of 671 TYPES of 5G terminals in China had obtained network access licenses, including 491 types of 5G mobile phones, 161 types of wireless data terminals and 19 types of vehicle-mounted wireless terminals.

The picture shows 5G Cloud 1 unmanned airship. He Shuting perturbation

The lowest price of domestic 5G phones has fallen below 1,000 yuan, and the proportion of 5G phones shipped is expected to rise further in 2022. By the end of November 2021, the three basic telecom companies had 1.642 billion mobile phone users, including 497 million 5G mobile phone connections, a net increase of 298 million compared with the end of the previous year, according to the China Information and Communications Academy.

Statistics show that by the end of November 2021, China had built a total of 1.396,000 5G base stations, covering all urban areas at prefecture-level and above, more than 97 percent of counties and 50 percent of towns and townships. More than 800,000 5G base stations were jointly built and shared by telecom operators, promoting the intensive and efficient development of 5G networks.

Significant progress has also been made in the construction of virtual private networks in the 5G industry. The virtual private network of 5G industry provides necessary network conditions for enterprises in vertical industries such as industry, mining, electric power, logistics, education and medical to make full use of 5G technology to optimize production management and empower transformation and upgrading. Up to now, China has built and commercialized more than 2,300 VIRTUAL private networks in the 5G industry.

In addition, 5G+ medical and health applications have developed rapidly in China, and 5G+ smart education has been applied. The network is also used in agriculture, mining, energy, ports, transportation and other fields. According to incomplete statistics, 89 ports in China have commercialized 5G applications. (after)

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