In the list of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence, “China” accounted for three of the top five

China New Business January 14 (reporter Wu Tao) recently, the Chinese team refreshed the “world’s strongest” artificial intelligence list.

In the world’s top ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Challenge OGB(Open Graph Benchmark), 360 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute topped the list of difficult tasks OGB-WikikG2 with the knowledge expression model of “Domestic and self-developed”. In the same competition with the University of Montreal, Meta(formerly Facebook), Alibaba and other top university laboratories and tech giants. It is reported that this is the first time that Chinese digital security enterprises top the list.

OGB- WikikG2 list, in the top five “Chinese team” accounted for three. Screenshots

According to OGB’s official website, 360 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute holds two seats in the top five tasks of OGB-WikikG2, ranking first and third respectively. Second place went to a joint team from The University of London and Meta, whose FAIR lab is hailed as an ai industry leader. In fourth place was the MILA Laboratory at the University of Montreal, led by Yoshua Bengio, a Turing prize winner. The fifth place is the fourth paradigm of AI companies from China.

The OGB Challenge, launched by Stanford University in 2019, is an internationally recognized representation of the knowledge graph benchmark dataset. Because knowledge graph is good at mining and expressing potential data relationships, it has great application value in intelligent search and digital risk control, and has attracted more and more attention.

OGB Challenge issues questions in the form of “tasks”, including cutting-edge technologies such as node property prediction and graph property prediction. It is famous for its high difficulty, large scale and complex scenes. At the same time, due to the authority and publicity of Stanford University, OGB has attracted a large number of international top laboratories to participate in the team, and has become the scientific and technological achievements of research institutes and technology giants “touchstone”. (after)

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