Oriental Yuhong is taking action to help the photovoltaic industry develop innovatively

In recent years, the intelligent level of photovoltaic industry has been significantly improved, and breakthroughs have been made in industrial technological innovation. As a service provider of building materials system, Oriental Yuhong began to explore the combination of roofing distributed photovoltaic and TPO single-layer roofing system as early as 2011. In the past two years, it has continued to make efforts in the field of photovoltaic, both in existing and new buildings. Successively with green energy, and, in the crystal,, ja, xinyi, HuaFuXin energy, shenzhen skyworth, transit, and other mainstream photovoltaic enterprises, as well as jinshan photovoltaic association signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to achieve business development in the field of distributed photovoltaic, explore and cultivate new business growth point in the field of photovoltaic roof integration, promote green low carbon transformation in the construction field.

Oriental Yuhong’s cooperation includes not only normal technical exchanges, special product research, equipment investigation and technical consultation, but also basic research and application development in key technical fields. Meanwhile, it involves sharing sales channels at the market level, so as to promote the integration of PHOTOVOLTAIC module sales and TPO. And the scope of cooperation covers a wide range of new construction, repair, reinforcement, renovation and other scenes of all kinds of buildings.

It is understood that the east rain rainbow has deep TPO flexible roof systems for more than ten years and successfully photovoltaic roof supporting system will include key technology link, bearings and other auxiliary materials development is complete, for the automotive, new energy, aerospace, electronic communications, and many other engineering fields provide TPO roofing system construction services and technical support, has accumulated rich experience in roof engineering practice and successful cases. Arriving in changshu chery jaguar land rover, hefei susquehanna (wei) new energy vehicles vision jiangyin, jiangsu yancheng green science and technology, energy, tianjin changchun automobile parts, tencent data center, Great Wall motor co., LTD. Offers beehive energy expert multiple projects, such as the sustainable production of injection of green power for the enterprise.

In the new BIPV roof system launched by Oriental Yuhong, the TPO single-layer roof is based on the newly developed photovoltaic base core components. The metal base is prefabricated in the factory by locking water pressure ring and TPO coil to ensure that the base is waterproof. The anchor fixed at the bottom of the prefabricated parts is reversed on the steel plate base by turning it over at 90° during installation to provide sufficient wind resistance guarantee for the distributed pv on the roof. The promotion and application of the new system has been affirmed by the industry and the market.

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